Netgear was the first who introduces the latest model of Routers in the world, with the latest technologies with new advanced features in wireless routers. Netgear routers use in offices, in every type of home. Netgear gives the fastest and best home networking. Netgear introduces from time to time many models and series. It based on wifi 6 technology it gives more advance technologies like 802.11ad,802.11ac,802.11b/g/n, in their various models. Netgear Router uses in the office to small to big homes. Netgear wifi router introduces Orbi network, Orbi Mesh wifi, Netgear Night hawk series which provides user different technologies with advanced features under one roof. If you need any support regarding this check

Netgear wifi Nighthawk Router

Netgear launches Nighthawk wifi routers, it is packed with advanced
technologies. It based on the latest WI-FI 6 technology(802.11ax), it increases
your date capacity four times, it gives the best network to all their devices.
You can play games, streaming music and many more with speed of 10.8Gbps and
wifi is six times better, it comes with 1.8GHz quad-core processor.

  • In Netgear Nighthawk wifi router comes with triband wifi, there are two
    separate streams of data that transfer into the 5GHz band to provide the best
    wifi speeds. Now you can transfer all your downloads, big file transfer at the
    best speed. It comes with 2Gigabit WAN ports and two LAN ports mean to say that
    you experience the Multi-Gig experiences.
  • It comes with eight high-performance antennas .it has also amplified signals with cover maximum and reliable coverage. It comes with five ethernet Gigabit, you easily transfer files and without interference connections.
  • Nighthawk App also introduces by Netgear router, it helps you to set up
    your router. Netgear also gives firmware updates from time to time. It also
    supports existing devices. It also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Netgear Nighthawk comes with (OFDMA), It gives scheduling efficient data,
    it means you sent transmissions to send at one time. It also reduces latency
    and increased efficiency. It has also VR and ar and internet of things sensors.

  1. Connect your router with the help of an
    Ethernet cable.
  2. Attach your computer with your router.
  3. Open a web browser, enter the IP address of
    your router or you can enter
  4. You enter default login details like
    username is admin and password is password.
  5. Click on advance settings and enter the
    router model, after a few minutes it reboots. If you need support click 


Netgear wifi Nighthawk router also set up with Nighthawk App, first you
search Nighthawk app in your play store, after this you download it and install
it, after this, you scan QR code of your router, naturally, it gets setup
settings.The second way is to attach manually, first, you download the App, then
you enter your router details, after that, you easily set up your router.


     Press the WPS button on both devices, after this both connect each you easily set up your Nighthawk Router. If you need any help please


      User some times need to change the admin password because the forget it,
it is very simple, first you open any web browser, enter your router IP address
or after this you click on enter, you can see display
window, now you enter your username which is admin the default password is
password, after this you click on advanced settings, there is icon of
Administration then set password, here you enter your old password after this
you enter the new password for two times, you also enable password recovery and
save for future . If you need help click


 Default login address means which IP address you need to log in your
router, it is also necessary for setup. The default login address of the router
is very to company and models, you must put the default login address of your

Open any web browser, then enter, after this you see
display window, after this, you enter username is admin. The default password
is the password, now basic information displays, here you select advance, now
your router ‘s IP address comes under router information, If you need help
regarding this check


User forgets their default settings, so there is a need to reset the
router. Press the reset button for two seconds after few seconds you start
seeing LED lights start blinking after these lights get stable color of
the lights depends on the model of the router, it means your router comes in
default settings.


   User open any web browser after this enter the IP address of your router
or, after this you enter your login details, here you go to
update on it, your firmware starts download after installation,
you get most advanced security features.


Launch any web browser, enter your login details after this you go for
advanced settings, there is parent control feature, click on it enter your
details after this you easily access the parent control feature. Now you easily
block or restrict any network site. It is very useful for kids, if you want
that kids see the right content, you must use these features.


  • Q If
    the user lost or not able to use of Nighthawk configuration CD, what user should

If the user lost his configuration, first
you remember there is no need for a configuration of the router. In the web set
up wizard is do the same work which configuration do.

  • Q Is Nighthawk router connect manually?

A Yes, it is possible you can connect your
router manually, it is a simple process, first, you remove batteries and cable
from the router, here you connect power to the modem, now you connect to router
and modem with the help of the ethernet cables. Now attach router with your
computer, and check the power and router is on.

  • What is log in process of Nighthawk router?

First, you attach your router with your
computer after this you enter or you enter
after this you enter the default username and password, you easily log in your

  • Q Is it possible to change the username of
    the router?

A  It
is not possible to change the username, you only change the admin password.

  • Q What is the process of change the router
    admin password?

A Enter the login details in your web
browser, after this you select a set password, now enter the new one, and save
for future,

  • Q How can I make my Nighthawk router more

A Nighthawk router comes with security
patches, it also comes with WPA OR WPA2, it makes your router more secure, but
you make your router more secure, first you change the wifi password .open web
browser enter, after this you enter the default login
details, here you select wireless now you select WPA OR WPA2, after this your
router is secure.

  • Q What is the process of update the

A This is a very simple process, first you
log in with your details after you see the option of the update, click on it,
after installing new update your router comes more secure, you also do with
Nighthawk App.

  • Q   
    What is the reset process of the router?

A The reset process is very simple, press
the reset button of your router for two seconds after this lights start
blinking, after few seconds it gets stable, now your router comes in default

  • Q Is there is a need to register my router
    for work?

A No, there is no need for this, it is only
needed to register for technical needs.

  • Q Is there is a need to turn off your
    internet connection if you don’t need it?

A No, there is no need to off your connection,
you can leave your Netgear Nighthawk router all the time.

  • Q How can I access the Guest access network
    in my router?

An Open any web browser, then enter your
login details, after this you see display window, there are advanced settings
click on guest access, here you enter your login details, after this you easily
use guest access feature, you can use first access the network of your
employees, or your guest networks, if you need any help you check

  • Q How many devices you can connect with your

It depends on the model of your router, in
simple, you attach three to five devices, it is easily connected with wireless.

  • Q What is a process to assign an IP address
    to a computer?

A First you log in your router then if you
need the IP address of your device, here you click attached devices, now you
check maintenance menu, after this, you click LAN setup, click on add, now you
enter the IP address or MAC address of your device, again click on add. If you
need help check

  • Q How can I access the parent control

An It is very simple, first you log in with
your default settings, after this you go to advanced settings, so you click on
parent control, after this you need to enter your details, after this, you
easily access the parent control feature.

  • Q If the user not able to log in to your

A First you check that your router is
attached with power and try to enter the right login details, if not working
this, then you reset your router.